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4th Street Reconstruction Project

4th Street Reconstruction Project Overview

The City of Minneapolis will be reconstructing 4th Street between 2nd Avenue North and 4th Avenue South. Design and engineering are underway and construction is anticipated to begin in 2018 (subject to change). 

The proposed 0.6-mile long project will consist of improvements to the roadway, sidewalk, and utilities. The scope of the project will encompass the entire right-of-way and include full removal of the existing street, subgrade correction, new pavement, curb and gutter, driveways, curb extensions, sidewalk as needed, utility work as needed, pavement markings, signals, and signage. The project will also include streetscape improvements including trees planted in the boulevard, where feasible, and pedestrian-level lighting.

City staff is currently in the preliminary stages of planning and design for the project, which will be accompanied by community outreach activities that will help inform and guide design concepts.

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