CADC Customer Satisfaction Survey

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1. Listed below are services and activities offered by Central Arkansas Development Council.
Please select the service or services that you currently receive or have received in the past.
2. How would you rate the overall quality of the service you received ?
3. How would you rate the ease of the application process ?
4. How would you rate the quality of service you received from the Staff Member that assisted you ?
5. How satisfied were you with the amount of time you had to wait in line or on the telephone before being helpedĀ ?
7. Would you recommend CADC Services/Activities to others ?
8. Do you consider yourself to be more self sufficient since participating in CADC Services/Activities ?
9. Has your income increased since participating in the Services/Activities offered by CADC ?
$ 0
$ 500
$ 1000
10. Do you believe the Services/Activities offered by CADC have improved your living conditions ?
11. Do you participate or volunteer in any community, church, or social organization in the area where you live ?
13. Optional Contact Information