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This survey is to introduce to you a new dining concept under development in Boulder. Please take this quick survey so we can better know our customers!

Fresh Thymes Eatery is a refreshing, inviting gathering spot and new school take-out market that caters to community locals and travelers alike. The offerings include every kind of take-out food that tantalizes the taste buds and perfectly fuels that day's adventure, or a delicious dinner to assemble at home. It is a respite after a morning hike to indulge in the daily made granola and fresh almond milk, a relaxing lunch date with friends to get a salad and grilled sandwich, or a quick late afternoon stop to pick up dinner for busy family nights. It is the spot to pick up a picnic (basket and picnic essentials included) to take on a hike, a boxed lunch to tuck into your daypack as you head for the slopes, or contributions to the neighborhood barbeque. Fresh Thymes Eatery celebrates food that tastes fresh, clean, vibrant, and colorful. Food that's great tasting, globally inspired, traditionally prepared, organic and local.
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10. Please give us a way to reach you about Fresh Thymes progress, news and opening information. We of course will not share your personal information and have the highest regard for your privacy.
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