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Tanki X: February Updates

Hello, tanker! 

We're working a lot on improving Tanki X and we're trying to take this mission as serious as possible. We've released a few updates in February and in this survey, we want to know your opinion about them. 

Main Changes

  • Closed Beta Quest participants have received the unique Railgun ammunition called "Beta Tester".
  • The first changes to the in-game battle interface have been implemented.
  • A pair of new containers called "Gold" and "Steel", has been added to the garage.
  • We've had two celebration events, "Valentine's Day" and "Warrior's Glory Days".
  • Game Rules update: 
    • taking advantage of game mechanics, game code, or game economy vulnerabilities is prohibited (2.1.6);
    • any type of unsportsmanlike behavior and match-fixing is prohibited (2.1.7);
    • sharing confidential information is prohibited (4.1).


  • If the difference in mastery between a hull and a turret is more than 3 levels, your equipment will automatically be balanced down to the lower mastery indicator.
  • Players now get less experience, battle points and crystals in DM matches.
  • Isida:
    • The energy consumption was reduced from 9 sec to 8 sec;
    • The cone angle was reduced from 20° to 14°;
    • The self-healing percentage reduced from 10% to 5%.
  • Firebird:
    • The energy consumption reduced from 5 sec to 4 sec.
  • Twins:
    • The angle of upwards aiming was reduced from 12° to 11°;
    • The angle of downwards aiming was reduced from 15° to 14°.
  • Ricochet:
    • The angle of upwards aiming was reduced from 13° to 11°;
    • The angle of downwards aiming was reduced from 16° to 14°;
    • The damage of the projectiles on long range was reduced from 25% to 10%.
  • Shaft:
    • The energy consumption was increased from 3 sec to 4 sec;
    • The load time was increased from 9 sec to 10 sec.
  • Vulcan:
    • The long range damage was increased from 25% to 50%.

We've fixed a series of bugs on almost every map.


  • Players can no longer go into the piles of sand textures near buildings.
  • We've fixed the lighting on the vases in the underground hall (the light was flashing on low graphic settings), and added shadows in the catacombs. 
  • We've moved the drop points for the "Repair Kit" and "Increased Damage" supplies, to the roof
  • We've added additional drop points for the "Increased Damage" supply.
  • We've added additional kill-zones by the perimeter of the map.
  • We've fixed the bug with the re-spawn landing for the Mammoth and Titan hulls (upon re-spawning, the rear side of these hulls were landing on the tank model in the spawn zone).
  • We've fixed the bug where the tanks with big hulls were re-spawning in a wall texture, and thus getting auto-destroyed by the anti-cheat system. 






  • We've fixed the bug with the wrong re-spawn of tanks with big hulls. 
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