#mixersmatter cocktail competition

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#mixersmatter with Britvic has partnered with Imbibe to run a cocktail competition, asking bartenders to create a signature serve using Britvic Mixers. The final cocktail must be a maximum of five ingredients, including garnish.

The lucky winner will receive: a Life Of Riley Buffalo Leather Drinks Case and gold barware set, complete with gold-plated 50cl shaker, 45ml jigger, 40cm barspoon and 200mm strainer – along with the added bonus of a 42cm Nokagiri ice saw. On top of all this, Britvic will also be sending a selection of its newly relaunched Mixers and Juices range, so the winner can get mixing straight away!

Deadline for entries: Friday 14 April.

Please make sure you are available for the finals on the 25th April.
8. Please upload a photo of your finished drink or email one to Lysanne@imbibe.com or Ed.warr@imbibe.com