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Soliciting Input: Grand Challenges in Environmental Engineering


The field of environmental engineering and science is at the nexus of environmental and public health, infrastructure development, energy generation, and food production and is well-positioned to address major national and global challenges.  The National Academies’ Committee on Grand Challenges and Opportunities in Environmental Engineering for the 21st Century is soliciting suggestions from the public for grand challenges in environmental engineering and science.  Ultimately, the grand challenges identified will motivate educational improvements to better address these challenges, inform future research investments, and inspire the next generation of environmental engineers.  

Grand challenges are ambitious but achievable goals that harness science, technology, and innovation to solve important national or global problems over the next several decades. Submitted challenges should require the expertise of environmental engineering to resolve or manage, but may span a broad array of fields. For examples of grand challenges, see the 2008 National Academy of Engineering report, Grand Challenges for Engineering.
Please submit your ideas for grand challenges in environmental engineering. If you wish to provide more than one grand challenge, please enter each separately. 
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