CXperts Predict: Trends Driving The Future of CX in 2017

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2017 Predictions: Technology Trends That Will Shape The Future of CX
Are you well versed in CEM trends? Are you considered a bonafide CX guru? How will technology change the landscape of CX in the future? 

Through this questionnaire, we would like to understand the current landscape and the investments that organizations are making towards transforming their Customer Experience using technology. 

As a token of our appreciation for your time we will send you a complimentary copy of the detailed report - AND a box of chocolates or a gift to a kids' charity.   The final report will be useful to all CX  practitioners, Marketing and Sales leaders as a snapshot of the trends in technology that will drive Customer Experience in 2017.
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3. How do you choose the ideal tools & technologies for customer service? (Please tick all appropriate answers)
4. Which statement best describes how you source technology for your CX requirements *This question is required.
5. Select 3 trends that will have the biggest impact on customer experience management in 2017 *This question is required.
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6. What are the top 3 CX investment priorities for companies in 2017 *This question is required.
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7. What are the major challenges that companies face while implementing CX solutions *This question is required.
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8. What tools do you use currently for the following? (Say NA if you do not use a tool) *This question is required.
9. Are you exploring the purchase of any of the following in the next 3 to 6 months?  *This question is required.
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10. How would you describe your role in the IT decision-making process? *This question is required.
11. A little bit about you - so that we can send you the final survey report and a gift!
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