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2017 Rapid Assessment for Water Utility Staff

Rapid Assessment for Water Utility Staff

1. We would like to ease customer concern about the taste, appearance, smell or chemicals in the water. 
We are so glad to know your customers don't have any concerns with the water! 
Community members often would like to know more about the chemicals used to treat water. This is an opportunity to work with them to share information. Jump to resources for understanding chemicals in treated water.
2. We would like our service to better meet our customers'  needs. 
It sounds like all of your customers' needs are already being met. Great job!
A utility has a basic responsibility to work to meet the customer's needs, which may include addressing customer dissatisfaction. Jump to resources to improving service through customer satisfaction.  
3. We want to help the community trust the treated water.
Gaining customers' trust is an amazing achievement and comes from persistence and hard work. 
A community that trusts its water system will be more likely to use safe treated water, which has important benefits to health. Jump to resources to promoting trust in treated water.
4. We want to begin producing or improve our Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs).
Chances are that you are already creating consumer confidence reports? Nice!
The more that customers know about the treated water, the easier it will be for them to trust it and feel confident drinking it. A CCR is a Commonly Required Report that can detail its information. Jump to resources to improve customer confidence reports. 
5. We are interested in improving compliance with regulatory standards.
​There is no need to make improvements if you are already in compliance.
Regulatory standards ensure you deliver consistent and safe service to your customers. Jump to resources to operator training and certification opportunities.
6. We are having difficulty enforcing shut-offs.
If you are not having difficulty enforcing shut-offs you are ahead of the pack! 
Customers may not pay their water bill for various reasons. Shut-offs can be a necessary response but are sometimes difficult to enforce. Jump to resources for enforcing water shut-off policy.
7. We are experiencing high turnover of operators or other utility staff.
Water plant operators and utility staff are vital for the performance and well-being of a community's water and waste water utilities. We hope that there are positive working relationships with the community and their operators and utility staff!
Water staff face a wide-range of daily challenges, and these parts of the job often lead to staff turnover, which is costly for the utility. Jump to resources to retaining qualified water treatment plant staff.
8. I am an operator and would like additional training or certification. 
You are a mastermind! Or maybe not a water plant operator? Either way, you're golden in our book. 
Training and certification help equip operators with the knowledge they need to successfully carry out their jobs. Jump to resources for operator training opportunities.
9. I am an operator in need of technical support.
We rest assured knowing you have all the support you need. 
Technical support can be very beneficial in certain complex problems. Identifying technical support opportunities before an emergency is highly recommended. Jump to resources on technical support providers.
10. There is not enough funding available for us to properly operate and maintain the water/sewer system. 
Incredible! Your system must run like a well-oiled machine! 
It is critical that your utility secure funding to operate your system in a safe and consistent manner. Jump to resources on utility budgets and rate setting
11. We want to better understand or clarify the roles of the water system owner, manager, and operator. 
Wonderful! This must be a reflection of strong communication and dedication to the community and services you provide them. 
Utility systems typically function at their best when all stakeholders including board members, owners, managers, operators, and even customers, have clearly defined roles. Jump to resources on understanding owner, manager, and operator roles.