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Initial Nomination Form on Women's Transformative Leadership

United Nations Study on Women's Transformational Leadership and the 2030 Agenda in Asia-Pacific 'Nomination Form for Potential Case Studies of Women's Transformative Leadership'

Please provide details of your nomination that could provide a basis for case studies of women's transformative leadership. Kindly note that this form is intended as an initial nomination, after which, should your nomination be selected, a request for further details may be made.

Please refer to the following documents:
a) Cover letter
b) Background Note

The following nomination form seeks information:
a) a transformative outcome that is linked to the achievement of the SDGs
b) transformative women leaders who were key to the achievement of the outcome

A number of key features stand out in most definitions of transformative leadership, as distinct from other forms of leadership. These include:
- a focus on outcomes that help to address power relations in favour of those who are excluded and marginalised in society
- inclusive and empowering ways of working
- an underlying commitment to human rights and gender equality
- seeing and acting on the connections between different issues
- consistency between values, approaches and outcomes
2. Details of female leader/leaders proposed as a focus for the case study *This question is required.
3. Details of organisation/s involved 
4. Name and contact details of proposer of nomination (if different from above) *This question is required.
8. Indicate the links of the project/activity/initiative to the implementation of the SDGs.
Check as many SDGs as are relevant. *This question is required.