Summit County Resource Management Survey #3

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2017 Summit County Resource Management Plan Public Draft Survey

Over the course of the last year, Summit County has been working on the creation of a Summit County Resource Management Plan, a document that serves as a strategic plan for future public land management. 

If you have not reviewed the document, please do so before completing this survey. The document can be viewed at: 

The following survey summarizes key highlights from the Draft Plan and provides an opportunity to comment at the end of each section.

  • Chapter 1 Our Process: Plan Development & Engagement; Community Profile
  • Chapter 2 Our Vision: Goals & Objectives; Implementation Framework
  • Chapter 3 Our Foundation: Existing Conditions
Please visit for more information about the project. 

*Note: The full survey takes approximately 30 minutes or more to complete. At any time during the survey, you can save your progress and complete the survey at a later time by selecting "Save and Continue Later" at the top of each page. If you would like, you do not need to answer every question and may focus on only those subjects that interest you. 
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Let's get started! This survey focuses on Chapter 2, which  includes goals, objectives, strategies, and implementation steps for each of the 29 resources analyzed in this plan. These resources are categorized into four sections:

  • water resources;

  • natural and cultural resources;

  • agricultural resources, and;

  •  land resources.