Southside Community Themes and Strengths Survey

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This anonymous survey is being administered to help identify our strengths, as well as issues needing more attention within our diverse community.

When responding to survey questions, think of "community" as the place where you spend the most time living, working, playing, and/or worshiping.

Please answer the following questions about yourself so that we can better understand how members of our diverse community feel about the issues listed above.
2. Gender
3. Martial Status
4. Age
5. What is your highest level of education attained?
6. Race/Ethnicity (Check all that apply)
7. What would improve the quality of life in the community where you live? (Please select up to 5)
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8. In the following list, what do you think are the 3 most important health issues/factors that affect the community where you live? (Please select up to 3)
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9. On how many of the past seven days did you participate in moderate or vigorous physical activity (for example, walking, dancing, riding a bike, swimming) for at least 60 minutes?
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10. Do you believe that you can help make your community a better place to live?