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Our Marietta - Resident Survey 2017

About Our Marietta

As one of the historic towns within the Susquehanna Riverlands, Marietta Borough appreciates the unique position we are in to benefit from the exceptional natural, cultural and recreational resources connected to our community. These resources represent outstanding opportunities for positive community and economic development for the Borough.

In 2016, the Borough of Marietta applied for and secured funds from the Lancaster County Conservancy’s Susquehanna Riverlands Mini Grant Program to implement the “Marietta Placemaking Readiness Initiative.”  This initiative – known as Our Marietta – is enabling leaders from all areas of the community to come together and plan for the future.

Through a year-long asset-based planning process, Our Marietta seeks to do two things: (1) cultivate viable working relationships among local government, business leaders, residents, community based organizations, and regional agencies; and (2) develop and enact a plan that ensures we are poised to leverage the benefits of the growing heritage and eco-tourism in the region.

We encourage all residents to get involved in Our Marietta!