2017 Mead PSE Chapter Survey

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2017 Mead PSE Chapter Survey
1. Please fill in your information below:
5. Please choose which one speaks to you the most:
6. Level of satisfaction with dental, vision and medical​:
Please rate your satisfaction:
7. Wages and benefits:
7. Wages and benefits:Very SatisfiedSomewhat SatisfiedNot Satisfied
Guaranteed COLA
Higher annual increases
8. Health benefits:
8. Health benefits: Very SatisfiedSomewhat SatisfiedNot Satisfied
Most affordable
Lower premiums
More choices of providers
9. Is staffing adequate to meet the needs and demands in your department?
10. Training:
10. Training:AgreeNeutralDisagree
Training on certain core skills should be required for the job.
We should have expanded training opportunities.
I currently have access to training opportunities.
The training I've received has been recognized at work.
11. Respect:
11. Respect:AgreeNeutralDisagree
I feel respected at work.
I feel respect by the district.
I am compensated for all time worked.
My work conditions are safe.
My supervisor treats me fairly.
12. Does your current job evaluate your work?