Blind Auction: Callaway Customs Tour Limited "Rockstar" Hammered Wedges

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Rules & Instructions
Rules and Instructions for the Blind Auction
  • Place your bid on this set of three (3) of one-of-a-kind "Rockstar" Hammered wedges hand made by expert club builder Anthony Taranto on or before Thursday 2/09/2017 at 5:00 PM EST in U.S. dollars.
  • The minimum bid is $650.
  • The highest bidder will win the right to purchase the wedges at a price of $1 more than the bid of the second highest bidder. For example, if the highest bid is $875 and the second highest bid is $790, the highest bidder win the wedges and pay $791.
  • The winning bidder will be contacted via email and provided a custom link to complete the transaction.
  • NOTE: These wedges are hand-customized, hand-assembled, and hand-painted so you may notice some very minor cosmetic imperfections compared to a machine painted wedges.
  • You must be a registered member of the Callaway Community in order to qualify.  Registration is completely free and can be done HERE.
  • ​The winning bid will NOT be published without the winner's written consent.
  • Wedges can ship to addresses in the United States and Canada ONLY.
  • Individuals must be 18 year of age or older to participate.
1. I understand and accept the terms of this blind auction. *This question is required.