2017 Summer Reading Software Survey

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Now that there are several options for summer reading program tracking software, we are seeing many questions about the different vendors. Libraries doing research want to hear what others are using! We have put together this quick survey to gather some information which we will compile and make available to those seeking out additional information about the options out there.

Please take a quick moment to provide feedback on your tracking methods, vendors used, and a short review of your experience. This survey only has 8 questions and should take 5-8 minutes to complete.
2. May we share your review with other CTLS member libraries?
3. How do you track your Summer Reading Program?
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4. How did you choose that vendor?
7. Overall, how would you rate the system you are currently using?
7. Overall, how would you rate the system you are currently using?Current Summer Reading System Rating
1 lowest-5 highest
8. Have you ever switched from one system to another? If so, please tell us why.
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