Imagine Niwot: 2027

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Imagine Niwot: 2027 - A Survey for Envisioning Our Future

Help plan the future of Niwot! With your ideas, the Niwot Business Association will create an illustrated vision of the Niwot business district (both Historic 2nd Ave and Cottonwood Square) ten years into the future, in 2027. This will help us spend our sales tax fund on infrastructure improvements and other projects that matter most to the community in the coming years.

Thank you for contributing to the future of Niwot. Information gathered in this survey is confidential and will not be shared in any way or used for any purpose outside of this planning project.
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2. How do you spend time in the Niwot business district? (mark all that apply)
5. What would make the experience of being in downtown Niwot more enjoyable today? (mark one)
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7. Which of these ideas do you love for Niwot? (mark all that apply) 
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