What Should Ericka Title Her Novel?

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1. This survey has six questions. You can answer as much or as little of each... but you need to go all the way through and hit SUBMIT for any of the results to count. Okay. Let's begin. Ericka's novel has been through many titles. By now she has no judgment, so she's turning to you. Here's a list of potential titles, and yes, many suck. Please rank them in the order that you like them.... Criteria? Which would you pick up to look at in a bookstore or in the library?
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2. Okay.... same list. Please mark the ones that interest you at all. Checked = I'd want to read this book. Not checked = Ew. No way.
3. Okay. Now, here's a brief synopsis of the novel. Based on THIS, please rate the titles.

__________ is a visceral, humorous, ultimately redemptive story that explores the meaning of family along with the themes of clashing American cultures, modern-day poisons, and self-inflicted violence.

It's a life of organic food, yoga, punk rock, NPR. Ex-punk rocker Adam is now a househusband in Oakland, California, though his band is still big in Central Europe. His wife Kira practices yoga and runs an arts program at UC Berkeley. Their thirteen-year-old daughter Polly is fascinated by tattoos. Then ex-felon Amber, Adam's illegitimate daughter from a wild band weekend 25 years ago -- she claims ¬-- arrives on their doorstep, homeless and tweaking on meth with three-year-old Joey, her disabled younger son. After a week of tension and confusion Amber and Joey leave, but their visit leaves the family fractured. Kira has an affair with her yoga teacher; Adam wallows in overspending, drugs, and Internet porn; and Polly begins to cut herself. When Amber reappears with both her sons, Adam and Kira must figure out: What makes a family, what makes a family stay together, and what pressures are too much for a marriage to take?
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