2017 ACCA Summer Symposium Call for Programs

Deadline: April 30, 2017
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​2017 American College Counseling Association Regional Summer Symposium
Call for Programs

The Program Committee seeks submissions that will contribute to the professional development of college counselors spanning all levels of experience and work setting. Our mission is to select a comprehensive set of programs that provides both breadth and depth of education and training for the variety of professionals who provide mental health services on college and university campuses. 

Sessions for the  regional conference will be 90 minute breakout sessions.  These sessions can take various forms, from a single presenter or panel presentation.

Although we encourage conference proposals on any topic related to College Counseling, we are especially interested in receiving conference proposals from any of the following topic areas:
  •          Training and Supervision
  •          Multicultural Counseling
  •          Resilience
  •          Creative Outreach and Interventions
  •          Brief treatment models
We thank you in advance for having the interest and taking the time to submit your program! If you have questions or any problems accessing the form, please be in touch with Casey Earle, caseye@cmcglobal.com or 855-220-8760.