Sunset Review: Stakeholder Survey

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Part I: Questions for All Stakeholders
Sunset Review: TSLAC Stakeholder Feedback

The Sunset Review is a statutorily-required examination of an agency, its functions, and rationale for continuation. The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) is scheduled for legislative Sunset Review in 2019.

The Sunset Commission can recommend two types of actions: statutory changes to alter the state laws that govern a particular agency; or management changes, which direct the agency to change its rules or internal policies under existing authority. The Sunset Commission does not make recommendations on funding for the agency or its programs.
We welcome your comments and feedback regarding the work of the agency. You may answer any or all of the questions that are important to you. The survey is designed in six parts: 1) Questions for all Stakeholders; 2) Questions about the State Archives and Information Services; 3) Questions about the Regional Historical Resource Depository Program; 4) Library and Resource Sharing; 5) State and Local Records Management; and 6) the Talking Book Program.

You may find the governing statute for TSLAC in the Texas Government Code, Chapter 441.

Thank you, in advance, for your participation in this process.
PART I: Questions for All Stakeholders
1. 1.1 How does the agency serve you or your community?  Check all that apply.
2. 1.2 Please rate the agency's performance on fulfilling each aspect of its mission.
2. 1.2 Please rate the agency's performance on fulfilling each aspect of its mission.Very Well
Very Poor
No Opinion
Enhancing the capacity of public, academic, and school libraries
Assisting public agencies in the maintenance of their records
Meeting the reading needs of Texans with disabilities
Preserving and providing access to Texas archival records and state government publications
4. 1.4 We welcome your feedback.  Please select the areas for which you would like to provide additional feedback. Select as many as you like. (This question is required.)
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