Governance of Long-Term Digital Information: 2017 Benchmarking Research

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Governance of Long-Term Digital Information: 2017 Benchmarking Research

In 2016 we conducted benchmark research into the governance of long-term information which found that virtually every organization surveyed (98%) has digital records and information it must keep (or wants to keep) for longer than ten years, but very few (16%) have a viable approach. In 2017 we are continuing our research in this area by conducting a short survey of information professionals that delves further into this critical issue.

Please help us continue by participating in our short survey. It should only take a few minutes of your time. All data you provide through this survey will be reported anonymously. The results will be made available through a report freely available in our Community Site

This survey is being conducted by the Information Governance Inititiative, a think tank and community dedicated to advancing the adoption of Information Governance (IG) practices and technology through research, events, advocacy and peer-to-peer networking.
1. Many of us play multiple roles in information governance. Please select the entry below that best describes the perspective you will be using when responding to this survey. *This question is required.