ICANN Ombuds Function Survey

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About this questionnaire
ICANN Ombuds Function Survey

ICANN has appointed independent advisers Phil Khoury and Debra Russell ('the Reviewers') from Australian specialist consulting firm cameron. ralph. khoury, to review the ICANN Ombuds function. They are working closely with Working Stream 2 on ICANN accountability Ombuds sub-team and have interviewed a number of ICANN stakeholders face-to-face at ICANN58, and have a number of further telephone interviews planned.
The survey below is designed to assist the Reviewers to reach out to the community for additional perspectives. 

Your responses to this survey will be kept confidential to the independent reviewers. 

The Reviewers use the following definitions in this survey:

a)     Ombuds function – to refer to the concept or the function – not the individual
b)     Office of the Ombudsman – to refer to the ICANN Office of the Ombudsman as currently operating
– again, not the individual
c)      The Ombudsman – to refer to the ICANN Ombudsman, the individual
d)      ICANN ecosystem - to refer to all components of the ICANN world (Board, staff, community,  
constituent organisations, stakeholders, etc)