Granite Hills HS_GUHSD - Student Survey

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The survey you are about to complete is part of a study of school buildings. This research explores students’ and teachers’ perceptions of learning spaces and design features. Teachers and students from a number of schools and school districts in southern California are being asked to complete the survey. The results will help us better understand how we can improve the physical learning environments of schools.
All teachers’ and students’ responses are anonymous. Data gathered will be completely confidential.  Data will be compiled at the school level and will be used for a statistical analysis of the relationships between the variables. We are not interested in ranking or rating individual schools. The estimated time to complete the survey is about 15 minutes.
Your participation is voluntary.  You may decline to complete the survey or you may skip any item that you feel uncomfortable answering. There are no correct or incorrect answers. The researchers are interested only in your frank opinion.
Your time, insights, and perceptions are valuable resources. Thank you for sharing them with us! If you have any questions, you may reach Dr. Cynthia Uline at San Diego State University, 691-594-3949. For questions related to your rights as a participant in research, you may contact the Institutional Review Board at San Diego State University (i.e. 619-594-6622, At any time during the research you can contact the IRB for questions about research rights, to discuss problems, concerns, or suggestions, or to offer input.

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