Help us choose workshops for TC Summer Camp 2017

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TC Summer Camp Morning Workshop topics are selected based on your interests. 

Below is a list of morning workshops proposed for 2017 TC Summer Camp. Help us to identify the most popular topics! For each topic, please vote in one of the five categories. Ask yourself, "Would I be willing to pay a nominal fee and spend my Saturday morning learning this?"

Note that these are not the Unconference sessions; these are the early morning workshops.

Here’s your chance to help mold the 2017 TC Summer Camp morning workshops and agenda into a personalized educational and networking experience.

TC Summer Camp 2017 is scheduled for September 9, 2017, in Washington DC.  Learn more at For questions, suggestions, and sponsorship opportunities, send email to

Please complete this survey only if you hope to attend.
Thank you!

1. For each topic, please vote in one of the 5 categories. 
1. For each topic, please vote in one of the 5 categories. Critical TopicVery InterestingMildly InterestingDon't CareNot Interesting
Analytics, SEO
API Documentation
Content Reuse
Content Strategy
Globalization and Localization
Jobs - Resumes, Recruiters, Freelancing, Portfolios
Leadership/Management Skills
Mobile Content Development
Plain English
Social Media
Structured Authoring
Training/Learning Content
Usability and User Experience
Video for Documentation and Training
Web Design
Working with Virtual Teams
Writing for Government
2. Have you attended a previous TC Camp?
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