Woodside Scitech Science Awards 2017

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Welcome to the Woodside Scitech Science Award registrations for 2017!

Please ensure you have read the following information sheet before submitting your registration.

Woodside Scitech Science Awards Information 2017

You can also find our Frequently Asked Questions here;

Woodside Scitech Science Awards 2017 - Frequently Asked Questions
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Graduation Representatives

Each year, representatives from Scitech and Woodside attend a number of school graduation ceremonies, for schools registered for the Woodside Scitech Science Awards. 

If you would like to request a representative, please complete the separate form on the Scitech website. Please note, these are subject to staff availability and the requests close on October 15th 2017.
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Terms and Conditions

I am aware that these awards are to be presented to our graduating primary students. I agree that by enrolling our school in the Woodside Scitech Science Awards, I may be contacted by Scitech for further information and feedback. Any information collected for the purposes of this project will be retained by Scitech and Woodside and not distributed to any third parties.

Please note: Scitech respects your privacy. Personal information collected by us will remain confidential and is never shared with third parties without your knowledge. Please visit for a detailed privacy statement.