GC+ Fit Assessment

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GC+ Fit Assessment

Discover which GC+ Service would work best for you by answering yes or no to the following questions. At the end of the assessment your score will be tallied and you will be presented with the GC+ service that will best fit your business needs.

Your business has been in existence for more than two years and can best be described as “planning or experiencing rapid growth” rather than “struggling to survive”


You have not hired a General Counsel (also known as Chief Legal Officer or Vice-President, Legal).


Your General Counsel is not supported by an internal law department.


Your General Counsel and internal law department require additional support from time to time to manage the additional workload resulting from business purchase & sales, or financing activities.


Your primary assets are knowledge-based


Your business has applied for patents, copyrights and/or trademarks, or relies on trade secrets to protect its intellectual property


Intellectual property licensing activities are important for your business


There are fewer than two C-level executives besides the President/Chief Executive and at least one of them is tasked with legal-related matters as secondary areas of responsibility


Your business does not have a board-approved plan for effecting good governance practices and for analyzing and prioritizing the major risks and opportunities for the business from the legal perspective


Having an experienced voice at the boardroom table who can immediately assess and discuss the risks relating to various business decisions and who can help the team to brainstorm options for legally-compliant solutions to business issues will be beneficial


Your business has more than10 employees and is growing by more than 25% each year


In the last year, your business has experienced a rapid growth in sales volume, entered new markets, expanded operations and/or experienced increased complexity of commercial transactions and/or contractual negotiations


In the next two years, your business plans to complete at least one equity or debt financing with investors who are not founders of the business, family members or friends


In the next two years, your business plans a major corporate and/or commercial transaction


You normally work with at least two law firms (different areas of specialty and/or jurisdiction)


You require a budget for legal expenses, including ways to increase efficiency and reduce your overall legal expense

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