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Vermont Prescription Drug Disposal System Map Updates, Revisions, and Additions

If you have an update, revision, or addition for the Vermont Prescription Drug Disposal System Map, please provide your contact information and describe your changes or additions (example: if you have an update for your facility, provide what the map currently states, and what you would like it to state. Anytown Police Station, change hours from M-F 8-5 to 24/7).  
A staff member will reach out to you to confirm any changes before they are published to the map.

Thank you!
Are you reporting or updating a medication disposal site at your place of work?
(Example: you are a coalition member reporting a new drop box in your area police station. You would select "I am reporting or updating a disposal site in my community") *This question is required.
Please provide your information for the Vermont Department of Health staff to contact you.
This information will only be used to contact you to make sure the new medication disposal site information is correct before it is shared on the website. *This question is required.
What is the location of the safe medication disposal site? *This question is required.
Please provide the best contact information for the medication disposal site administrator or manager: *This question is required.
If you are adding a new site, please provide the below:
Facility Name, Facility Type (Police/Sheriff/Pharmacy), Facility Address, Facility Town, Facility State, Facility Phone 
Days and Times of Operation 
More Information  (Example:  Cannot accept liquids or sharps at this time. Check with local pharmacies and/or hospitals as they may also accept many types of unused medications. The Vermont Department of Health provides the public with safe disposal instructions for both unused prescription drugs and medical waste products. Prescription drugs should be in original or separate containers if possible.)
Yes or No Questions:
Accepts Pills?  Accepts Rx Patches?   Accepts Liquids?  Accepts Aerosols? Accepts Sharps/Needles? 
How can the public dispose of medication at your facility? *This question is required.