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WDIC: Conflict Resolution for Managers & Supervisors

Conflict Resolution Workshop for Managers & Supervisors (…or those preparing to be!)
May 2, 8:00a.m.-12:00p.m.
Session to be held on the COTC Coshocton campus, Montgomery Hall, Room 150
200 N. Whitewoman St., Coshocton, OH 

The purpose of the Conflict Resolution workshop is to provide training & support to supervisors and managers - or those with recognized potential; your emerging leaders who may be in consideration for or transition to advancement. Addressing conflict and skills gaps that occur with rapid promotion and dynamic organizational change, this program provides maximum impact with an interactive session that takes a direct-approach to the relevancy of the dynamics of various organizational cultures where conflict is sure to occur.

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The program focuses on the fundamentals of Crucial Conversations and how each personality or temperament responds to conflict differently. Participants will complete temperament assessments and then actively evaluate their approach at different stages of conflict, while also working through the process of conflict management and engaging in dialogue surrounding (a) Workplace Bullying, and (b) Managing Shame & Blame.
Participants will learn the technical terminology and methodology employed by the topic; often including team exercises to enrich the participants’ learning experience, enabling them to recall and apply the material long after the session has ended. 
The Conflict Resolution workshop is available for an investment of just $89.00 per participant, and includes the program, training materials, refreshments/breakfast snacks, and a certification of completion. Registration takes less than a minute, and provides the convenience of online payment.  (Payment option will populate immediately upon registration submission.)
Thank you, and please contact us with further questions. 
Vicki Maple, M.Ed., Director of the WDIC at COTC
Call  740-364-9565      Email

P.S. We will follow-up regarding parking/room assignment details in the days prior to the event.