2017 Division Meeting Registration

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Welcome to the registration page for the 2017 IUE-CWA Division Meeting.  If you have questions contact Terri Hungate at 937-298-9984.



7. Division Meeting Registrant Information

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8. Reception at Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game - Monday, Aug 7 at 7pm
$10 per person.  Space is limited so each local is restricted to 4 tickets - more tickets may become available. Food and drink will be included.  You must send a check payable to IUE-CWA  for the total amount of those registered for the reception. Include the names of those attending the reception with the check and send to IUE-CWA, Attn: Registration, 2701 Dryden Road - Dayton, OH 45439.

Please list the names of the people you are registering for the reception (up to 4). *This question is required.