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MLW 2018 - Symposium Presentation Proposal Form- EN

Basic Information


Thank you for submitting a proposal to deliver a presentation at Mobile Learning Week 2018.

If your proposal is selected by the evaluation committee for inclusion in the programme, you will have an opportunity to address an international audience of mobile learning specialists and representatives from governments, foundations, NGOs and private sector companies.

The two-day Mobile Learning Week Symposium will be held at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris from 27 to 28 March 2018.  Each Symposium presentation will last approximately 20 minutes.

All presentations should relate to the overarching theme of MLW 2018: 'Skills for a connected world'.

Presentation proposals must be received by Friday, 26 January.

If there is more than one presenter, please provide personal information (name, email and telephone number) for the primary presenter. 

The form asks for a narrative description of your presentation as well as a professional biography of all presenters. Please allow yourself sufficient time to complete the required fields (we recommend a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes). The form also asks for a picture of all presenters; please have the necessary digital files available before you begin.  Work on the form cannot be saved.

Please complete the proposal carefully.  If your presentation is selected for inclusion in the MLW 2018 programme, the description you provide will be moved directly to the UNESCO website and other communication materials.  Personal information such as email addresses will not be shared.  Please edit the text to ensure clarity and readability.

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8. If applicable, please list the specific country or countries in which you are currently working (3 countries maximum)