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UNE Academy - Find Your Fit

Find Your Fit

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Do you have any prior experience in these digital roles?
  • Development and Programming
  • Interaction and Interface
  • Analysis and Data
  • Management and Strategy
  • Support and Training
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Select your area(s) of experience(Check all that apply)
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First, rate how interested you are in the following…
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Creativity in what you do
Figuring out problems
Following a strong leader
Helping and being of service to people
Making decisions
Persuading and leading people
Searching for facts
Teaching and coaching
Work that can be done without following a set of rules
Working with clear rules
Based on your answers to those questions, here are our career areas that may interest you.
Do people ask you when they need someone to help with their computer or smart phone? Do you like sharing what you know in a way people can understand? If so, you might be right for a career in Training and Support.

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Do you like to solve problems by building things? Do you pay attention to detail? Do you have an aptitude for the technical side of computing devices, including security? If so, you might be right for a career in Development and Programming.

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Are you a visual problem solver? Do you enjoy changing how something looks or works so that it's easier to use? If so, you might be right for a career in Interaction and Interface.

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Are you interested in data and a good communicator? Are you very comfortable with spreadsheets and reports? If so, you might be right for a career in Analysis and Data.

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Do you find yourself naturally leading groups of people? Are you able to communicate to both technical and non-technical people? Are you goal oriented? If so, you might be right for a career in Management and Strategy.

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How often would fellow co-workers or students use these statements to describe you?
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You maintain a professional demeanor and display responsible behavior
You are comfortable adapting to new, different, or changing situations
You work cooperatively with others from diverse backgrounds to complete work assignments
You communicate verbally and in writing well enough to be understood
You plan and prioritize your work to manage time effectively and accomplish assigned tasks
You apply critical-thinking skills to solve problems by generating, evaluating, and implementing solutions
You use logic, reasoning, and analysis to address problems
You are eager to learn and apply new knowledge and skills
Your interests seem well matched to our Digital Sciences Essentials program! 

You'll learn more about your areas of interest, and also other closely-related areas that professionals need to know to succeed.

There may be other programs that are right for you, too. If you answer 2 more questions, our Academy specialist will be ready for a great conversation with you!
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Optional: If you would like to share your resume to help us better understand your experiences, you may attach it here.
You may upload an additional description of your interests and experience in PDF format. The file must be no larger than 500 KB. You may also send it to, just be sure to use the same email address you entered above.