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2017 Enhancing Math Facilitator Application

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Thank you for your interest in applying to be a facilitator of Enhancing Mathematics Instruction for Students with Learning Difficulties: Algebraic Expressions & Equations.

Applications are due October 31, 2017.

All current facilitators must be re-certified in order to continue offering the course.  Current facilitators seeking recertification must complete this application, and upon acceptance, attend the 4-day course and certification day in November and December.  

(Mi)^2 will cover the cost of registration, mileage, and meals for facilitator certification and recertification.

Support for the current cohort of facilitators and current version of the course will end in June 2017.

(Mi)^2 seeks to collaborate with sites to offer this training locally, and support implementation of the practices taught in the course.  Research tells us that training alone will not change practices.  Job-embedded follow-up is necessary to transfer learning from a training to practice in a classroom.

To this end, (Mi)^2 is interested in partnering with sites that are prepared to

  • recruit a minimum of two co-facilitators for the course (see below for qualifications)
  • provide the necessary resources (time, finances, personnel) to train pairs of local facilitators
  • empower facilitators to provide job-embedded follow-up coaching on at least 3 occasions over the 6 months following the course (more information on this will be provided as part of facilitator certification)
  • offer the course by the end of the 2018/2019 school year
  • periodically provide feedback and information on training and implementation to (Mi)^2 to aid in the development and review of the course and implementation process

Facilitator requirements include

  • a minimum of two people who will co-facilitate all three days of the course
  • at least one co-facilitator must have a special education background
  • at least one co-facilitator must have a math background
  • all facilitators must have been through this course before, either at a previous Facilitator Institute or at a local offering facilitated by an (Mi)^2 certified Enhancing Mathematics facilitator
Characteristics of ideal facilitator candidates
  • belief that all students are capable of learning math
  • belief in teachers' ability to improve practice to help students realize their potential as math learners
  • effective communication skills
  • ability to influence others
  • motivation to affect positive change for the benefit of every student

If you, your co-facilitator(s), and your site meet the above criteria, we invite you to complete this application.

This application is designed to collect information about your facilitation experiences, your background and your expectations for this course. We will review your information and contact you shortly.

The information you provide will be kept confidential.

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Title or Role
3. Co-Facilitator Information
4. Choose one of the following:
7. Where did you previously attend Enhancing Mathematics Instruction for Students with Disabilities?
Did you facilitate the course?