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Towne Spotlight & Towne Salute Submission Form

1. Towne Spotlight:

Do you have big news and want to share it around town? What’s Up? Media has the perfect spot for you. Our Towne Spotlight section includes “tidbits” of community and local business news. Did your company acquire a new employee? How about raise money for a fundraiser? Let us help you share your great accomplishments with our local readers. Each item of news should be approximately 100 words max and have an accompanying photograph.
2. Please upload an image to go with your story
3. Towne Salute:

Is there a volunteer at your organization that goes above and beyond their call of duty? Let What’s Up? Media give them well deserved recognition in our Towne Salute section. Each article highlights an unsung hero involved with various nonprofit organizations (staff member, volunteer, board member, etc.) who goes above and beyond, but doesn’t receive much public recognition. The articles are on the shorter side, about 400-500 words, but it gives our readers a snapshot of what these individuals are doing for a specific organization.

If there is someone you would like to nominate, please send a detailed description on why you’ve chosen this individual, the organization they are a part of, and contact information (email & phone number) for us to contact them.
4. Please provide a photo of your nominee (if possible)