Saving for College 6.8.17

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Saving for College
Live via web
June 8, 2017


Saving for college can seem like an insurmountable task and causes anxiety for the majority of families. This workshop provides an overview of college financial aid available and income tax repercussions. College Coach will educate families about:

  • Savings options for college
  • Different methods of paying - savings, current income, and college-specific savings plans
  • How to calculate potential future college costs
  • Key considerations to keep in mind throughout the process


This webinar will run for about 60 minutes including time for questions. PLEASE NOTE: the latest version of Adobe Flash Player is recommended to participate in this webinar. Adobe Flash Player 10.3 is the minimum version. REGISTRATION: Please visit for more information and to register for this and/or other programs.

This webinar is offered in conjunction with College Coach

Date: June 8, 2017
Time: 11:00 a.m. CST

The access link and teleconference information will be emailed to you prior to June 8.