2018 Annual Assembly of Hospice & Palliative Care / Interactive Education Exchange - Call for Submissions

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Submission Information

To submit an abstract, one should be a palliative care educator at the professional or trainee level (trainees are encouraged to submit with mentors). All disciplines are encouraged. The abstract criteria are listed below. Abstracts submitted to but not selected for prior Interactive Educational Exchange sessions may be resubmitted with updated data and content. If your abstract is accepted, at least one author should be prepared to attend the 2018 Annual Assembly of Hospice & Palliative Care at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA.  Three Submission Examples from previously accepted and presented innovations are available for your reference by going to http://www.aahpm.org/uploads/education/IEE_Abstract_Submission_Examples.pdf    

The Annual Assembly is an opportunity to share and disseminate best practices in the field. Authors are asked to consider both the impact of their proposed topic or research on underrepresented and underserved populations and its relevance to the diverse groups of attendees. Accordingly, presenters are encouraged to address issues of cultural competency in their abstracts, case examples, and presentations. When applicable, presenters are encouraged to describe how issues of cultural diversity and inclusion are considered in their specific aims or session narrative.

All submissions should be completed by August 2, 2017, Noon PT.

Abstract Review and Selection

This 90-minute session allows for a total of up to 5 abstracts to be presented. The session is specifically designed to have an interdisciplinary focus; thus, the session faculty and members of the Abstract Review Committee represent different disciplines that make up hospice and palliative care teams. The Abstract Review Committee will evaluate the abstracts in an unblinded fashion. Session faculty will then choose abstracts/innovations that best meet the criteria below while also honoring the commitment to have the final selections represent authors from medicine and other disciplines. If an abstract is selected, authors will need to confirm that at least one author will attend the Interactive Educational Exchange session and present the innovation. This presenter will need to register to attend the Annual Assembly of Hospice & Palliative Care for at least the day of the presentation.

Abstract Review Criteria: The Abstract/Innovation should…
  • Highlight a specific educational innovation (curriculum, program development, educational process, assessment tool, online material, or research in teaching and evaluation)
  • Have appropriately focused background, objectives, methods, results, discussion, and conclusion (adhere to the 400 word count limit)
  • Lend itself to a formal, 5 minute presentation. Time limit will be adhered to strictly.
  • Include materials that can be presented in an interactive, hands-on format (video demo on your laptop, pocket cards, pamphlets, handouts)
  • Have a competencies-based focus (especially if for a training setting). See list below.
  • Have potential for reproducibility in another setting