Swift Kitura User Survey

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Hi there! Welcome and thank you for helping us better understand our users and improve the Swift Kitura experience with your feedback.
1. What is your job title?
2. What type of back end (if any) is your organization using today?
2. What type of compute do you use?
2. Which of the following do you or your organization build?
2. Which of the following types of services does your front-end consume?
2. Do you use Swagger?
2. What database(s) does your team use?
3. How big is the company you work for?
4. Do you or people inside your organization use Swift?
5. Have you heard of Kitura?
6. Do you or your org currently use Kitura?
7. What type of applications is it being used for?
7. Are you or your organization planning on using Kitura in the future?
7. How soon do you plan to start using Kitura?
7. Would you like to preview new Kitura features and help shape its future? Please go ahead and share your contact info so we can stay in touch.