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Generating Income and Saving Money in Government - Research for New Whitepaper

Why we need your help...


Have you been set some big income and cost saving targets? Does your team need to support traded services and other departments in your organisation to generate income too?

How are you getting on? 

So many people in the public sector are doing this across the UK right now through the smart use of communications activities, marketing intelligence, assets, and channels.

We’re working with creative communications specialists comms2point0 to produce a whitepaper. This will capture best practice examples which you can learn from and look to adopt in your own teams and organisations.

It will be a valuable resource not just for you but for the entire sector. We'd really like your help.

To help us all understand the issues and share the wider learning, we’d love it if you spared four or five minutes to take part in this survey. By way of thanks, everyone who completes it will be sent a copy of the whitepaper filled with research and best-in-class case studies.

Submission deadline: Wednesday 21 June.

Thank you in advance,

​Emma Howard and Dave Worsell

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