JCMT Large Programs Open Enrollment

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JCMT Large Programs Open Enrollment - Personal Details
From August 1st 2017 the JCMT observatory will begin observing five new approved large programs and four extension programs, alongside the existing seven Large Programs. Once again EAO astronomers are being invited to sign up to any program under a period of open enrollment. If you are interested in joining the programs please complete both pages of this sign up survey.

It is important to note that new and extension requests have been given a ranking system:

  • "A" ranking: programs the TAC determine to be of excellent scientific merit and therefore worthy of the best efforts by the Observatory to see it completed. As such, programs will be asked to meet the requirements of the Observatory for Large Programs, including open enrollment and project management.
  • "B" ranking: programs the TAC recognize to have scientific value, but ranked lower than others programs requesting similar observing periods and weather. Given typical weather conditions and instrument availability, "B" programs have lower chances of completion and are considered to be a backup. The Observatory will make best efforts to obtain observations for you, but observing time and program completion are not guaranteed.
Please ensure you understand these rankings. More information regarding the Large Programs can be found here:


Should you have any questions please email: JCMTLargePrograms_join@eaobservatory.org

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