York Professional Care & Education Survey 2017

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Thank you for choosing York Professional Care & Education for your child care needs.
We need to know how well we are meeting your expectations. Please complete our online survey (preferred method) or ask your supervisor for a printed copy.
Complete our survey and enter into a draw to WIN $100.00! Survey deadline: Friday 30th June, 2017. ALL SURVEYS DONE ONLINE WILL BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL !
1. I feel welcome and the environment is a friendly and inviting place to be.
2. Staff are warm, friendly and happy to see us arrive.
3. Staff make an effort to give me information about my child.
4. As a parent I feel valued and appreciated.
5. The environment is clean, tidy and well maintained.
6. I value York Professional's emphasis on courtesy, respect and responsible behaviour.
7. York Professional provides excellent programs that offer my child quality learning experiences.
8. How would you compare our program this year to last year’s?
11. Would you recommend our services to friends and colleagues?
13. Choose your child's location (required field) *This question is required.
14. Name and phone number (needed to enter into the draw for a chance to win $100.00) (optional)
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