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Leave A Testimonial About Mark and Late Night Internet Marketing

Thanks for being willing to leave at testimonial.  

Your testimonials mean a lot to me and I really appreciate you making the effort.

I am currently looking for testimonial content that is appropriate for 

1.  The LateNightIM home page and testimonial page
2.  The sales page for my Affiliate Marketing Course (coming soon)
3.  The sales page for my SEO course (coming soon)

So, any honest testimonials that you would like to make about how my content has helped you over the years would be appreciated.


P.S.  Be sure and leave some of the optional information at the end so I can credit your comment (your website, your picture, etc).
6. Got a small head-shot image that I can use?  Upload it here.  500KB max size.  If you have trouble with the upload, feel free to mail it to me at
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