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Are You a Healthy Deviant?

1. Do you take a wide variety of proactive steps to maintain and/or improve your health? 
2. Are some of your health-promoting behaviors (for example, the way you eat or exercise) considered quirky or "odd" by others?
3. Have you maintained what you consider to be a better-than-average level of health, fitness, and general well-being for the past year or more?
4. Does your interest in health and fitness extend beyond your concern with your physical appearance?
5. Do you tend to stick to your healthy preferences even when it means going out of your way, or against social conventions?
6. Have you ditched calorie-counting and "dieting" in favor of eating mostly healthy and whole foods most of the time? 
7. Do you know of at least three good ways to eat dark, leafy greens?
8. Is water one of your primary beverages of choice?
9. Do you think the conventional health-and-fitness media tend to promote unrealistic, largely unachievable or potentially unhealthy body-image ideals?
10. Within the limits of your current resources, do you invest a significant amount of your available time, energy and money in maintaining or improving your health and well-being? 
11. When you feel you need to go to the bathroom, do you heed that call right away?
12. Are you mostly free of obsessive thoughts about food, your weight, and your appearance?
13. Do you strive to address the underlying causes of your symptoms, avoiding pharmaceutical and surgical interventions whenever possible?
14. Do you tend to see yourself as leader, rule-breaker, experimenter, non-conformist, or change-agent in one or more areas of your life?
15. Do you generally get between 7.5 and 8 hours of sleep a night?
16. Do you manage your stress by building in time for relaxation, social connection, play, creativity, and recovery?
17. Would you describe yourself as a non-smoker?
18. Could you make yourself a good, satisfying meal from scratch using only whole foods (no processed, packaged, or prepared products)?
19. Do you have a personal turnaround story that describes how and why you changed your life for the healthier, or how you came to be a health-focused person?
20. Do you have a collection of basic health, fitness and self-care habits you do consistently, virtually every day? 
21. Do friends, family, and co-workers tend to turn to you for health-related advice and information?
22. Do you read labels or do research to evaluate the health implications of products and services before you buy them?
23. Do you believe that many Americans are overmedicated for diseases that would be better addressed by lifestyle adjustments?
24. Do you have a tribe of friends who share your healthy priorities and values?
25. If somebody were to refer to you as a “health freak,” might you take it as a compliment?
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