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Miami Dade Fire Rescue

New Construction Bureau

Customer Service Satisfaction Survey
2. Was the Inspector professional and courteous?
Extremely professional and courteousQuite professional and courteousModerately professional and courteousSlightly professional and courteousNot at all professional and courteous
3. How clear was the information that the Inspector provided to you?
Extremely clearQuite clearModerately clearSlightly clearNot at all clear
4. How knowledgeable did our Fire Inspector seem to you?
Extremely knowledgeableQuite knowledgeableModerately knowledgeableSlightly knowledgeableNot at all knowledgeable
5. How helpful was the Fire Inspector during the inspection?
Extremely helpfulQuite helpfulSomewhat helpfulSlightly helpfulNot at all helpful
6. How was your overall experience with the Fire Inspector?
Extremely satisfiedQuite satisfiedSomewhat satisfiedQuite dissatisfiedExtremely dissatisfied
7. Did the Inspection pass or fail?