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Open Badges Community Directory

IMS Global Learning Consortium wants to hear from you and publicize your work with Open Badges!

We are compiling a new enhanced directory of the various organizations that are issuing Open Badges and technology providers that are using the Open Badges specification to share on the IMS Global website. 

If you would like your organization added to the Open Badges Community Directory please complete the questions below. All fields are optional but we encourage you to provide as much information as possible.

1. Please provide your contact information so that we can correspond with you. This information will not be published online.
2. Please select the response that best describes your type of organization.
3. How would you identify your organization? Select all that apply.
7. Please describe 3-5 key features, metrics, or goals of your badging program or product that you want to share. These will appear as a bulleted list online.
9. How would you like your organization to be listed in the Open Badges Community Directory? Please provide a contact (full name and/or email) that can be posted online for anyone who wants to communicate with you about your program or services.