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Food Hub Farmer Survey

Vital Communities is leading a discussion among farmers and the community: Is there a the need for a food hub, farmers cooperative, distribution and/or aggregation hub, shared commercial kitchen, education center, or other shared facility in the Upper Valley? Thank you for taking the time to answer questions about your opinions related to this topic. Please answer the following questions as they relate to your farm and/or farm business. The project is funded by Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education. If you have questions, please contact Nancy LaRowe, at All responses will be kept confidential.
1. Please tell us what type of farm business you have (check all that apply).
2. How many years have you been in operation?
3. Average annual gross farm sales:
5. Are you interested in having access to the following in the Upper Valley (please check all that apply):
7. This question is about realistic estimates of shared facility use based on actual cost of services. If a shared facility (storage, processing) or distribution (trucking to wholesale venues) was at market rate, would you be willing to use the service? 
8. I am interested in learning more about farmer marketing cooperatives.
11. Please include me in email updates on this project.