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100 Pounds Achievement

Congratulations on losing 100 pounds! I hope you realize what an amazing achievement that is. People are going to be so inspired by you!
1. First and Last Name *This question is required.
3. Submit your before photo! This should be the same before photo you submitted when you signed up for the Reshape Achievement Program.  *This question is required.
This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.
6. Send us your after photo to showcase your 100 pounds lost progress! Here's how to take the perfect progress picture: 
  • Take your pics at the same time each time (after you’ve gone to the bathroom but before you eat).
  • Find a place in your home with natural light.
  •  Stand in the same spot each time.
  •  Wear the same clothes in both your before and after picture.
  • Stand the same distance from the camera each time.
  • Make sure your full body, or at least knees up, and fill the frame of the photo.
  • The more of your body you can see, the more progress you’ll see. 
*This question is required.
7. Please submit your current measurements for the following: 

Chest: Measure around your chest at your nipple line
Belly Button: Measure around your torso in line with your belly button (an inch or two lower than your waist)
Waist: Measure around your torso at your natural waist (usually the smallest point)
Glutes: Measure around your glutes/hips at the fullest point
Right Arm: Measure around your right arm halfway between elbow and shoulder
Right Thigh: Measure around your right thigh at the fullest point
Right Calf: Measure around your right calf at the fullest point *This question is required.