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NICHE GRN / GPCA Champion Agreement

Department of Nursing – NICHE GRN / GPCA Champion Committee
NICHE GRN/GPCA Champion Agreement

The Geriatric Resource Nurse (GRN) has increased knowledge and skills in care for the geriatric patient. The GRN serves as a clinical resource on geriatric issues to staff on their unit and practices in the role dimensions of: patient care, peer consultant, educator, and change agent.

Qualifications to be a GRN / GPCA Champion:
  1. Minimum one year of employment at UCLA Health
  2. Current employment status of 50% or more
  3. Demonstrate interest and commitment to providing excellence in geriatric nursing care
  4. Support by the UD and CNS/Educator that the staff meets qualifications

Expectations of the GRN / GPCA Champion:
  1. Completion of the online GRN / GPCA training program
  2. Attend quarterly NICHE champion committee meetings
  3. Schedule yourself for the meeting and include in note timesheet
  4. Serve a clinical resource on geriatric issues to staff on the unit
  5. Participate in unit quality improvement projects
  6. Disseminate information to unit leadership and staff