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SDM Transition Readiness Survey - 1/17

Introduction page

Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete this assessment. It is designed to better help us understand you and your business so that we can offer to you the best options for you to achieve your business goals.

A few points to note: 
  1. The assessment will take no more than 15 minutes
  2. There are no right or wrong answers  
  3. All questions are required
  4. The best answer is the most honest answer.
This assessment is powered by Orange Kiwi LLC. All assessment profiles have been designed to provide valuable information about your behavior, attitude, values, and/or skill based tendencies. By completing the questions contained in this online assessment, you expressly agree that your answers may be evaluated and that the results of this evaluation may be released to the individual, company or agency that requested you to complete the assessment. In consideration of being permitted to take the assessment, you hereby release Orange Kiwi, LLC, their agents, distributors, officers, employees, representatives, related or affiliated companies, and successors, and the company requesting you to complete this form from all liability, and any actions or causes of action of every kind, nature, and description arising out of, or incidental to your taking these assessments. Information in the report(s) should not be used as the sole basis for consideration of personal or business decisions.  Your answers and associated reporting are considered the intellectual property of Orange Kiwi, LLC.  No portion of this assessment may be copied, transmitted, or reproduced for any purpose without the express written consent of Orange Kiwi, LLC.  Copyright 2018.