Strategic 4Sight Input Survey

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For more than 23 years the Greater Omaha Chamber has concentrated its economic development efforts through Target Omaha, its successor the Greater Omaha Economic Development Partnership (GO!), and now Prosper Omaha.

Throughout 2017 we are working with Rebecca Ryan, our resident futurist, to develop a bold future and economic identity for Greater Omaha that will transform the community into an even better, more future-focused version of itself.  This process – referred to as Strategic 4Sight (S4S)– will create our next Prosper Omaha strategy.
We realize the work we do does not happen in a vacuum – we must collaborate to be successful – that is why we are implementing the S4S process with United Way of the Midlands and the Urban League of Nebraska
The process includes reviewing a lot of data, analyzing trends we think will have an impact on us over the next generation and zeroing in on the preferred future we want to create. Your input is invaluable to this process and our next economic development strategy.

As part of the S4S process, we are seeking your input by completing this four-question survey. Please share your candid feedback.

Thank you for your time. Your input is very important to us!