Best of Jackson - Household and Home Improvement 2017

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Welcome do the Best of Jackson 2017 "pop-up" nominations ballot for Household and Home Improvement in Metro Jackson!

This ballot is open from June 14-June 25, 2017 (11:59 p.m.)

In this "write in" ballot we'll learn the top nominees for each category; on July 5th, we'll open up the Finalists ballot with a multiple choice option to determine the Winner.

Please vote in every category where you have personal knowledge. You can vote for a person (if they're qualified and licensed in the area you're voting) or for a local business. (Please avoid national chains.)

Voting for the same person or business on the whole ballot or in categories where they clearly don't qualify may cause your ballot to be discarded.

We need your name and number at this end of this for validation purposes; we'll put you on the JFP Daily list if you request it, but otherwise we won't do anything with your personal information.