Unlimited Swim Request

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Please read the following information and agree below before proceeding to the Unlimited Swim Request Form.
Our FREE Unlimited Swim program is offered year-round and provides students the opportunity to take additional classes at no extra charge. We offer Unlimited Swim because we believe consistency is the best way to learn and develop lifesaving swimming skills.
Baby&Me (I, II, III), Learn to Swim (Starfish, Seahorse, Dolphin, Seal, Stingray), and Adult Lessons (Beginner, Advanced, Mix) are eligible for Unlimited Swim.
Swim Team is eligible to take Unlimited Swim classes in the Monday and Wednesday 6:00 AM practices. No other Swim Team practices are eligible for Unlimited Swim.

Private Lessons, Semi-Private Lessons, Boot Camp, Summer Swim Team, and Olympic Development are NOT eligible for Unlimited Swim.
Students must be currently enrolled to book an Unlimited Swim class, no exceptions. We recommend one Unlimited Swim class – in addition to the student's perpetual class – per week for peak progression.
Unlimited Swim requests are for same-day bookings only. An Unlimited Swim class cannot be booked for any day other than the day the request is made. Unlimited Swim requests do not carry over to the next day. Limit one FREE swim lesson per student, per day.
Unlimited Swim operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Openings are limited and are based on class availability. A student cannot be booked into a class of a more advanced level. We do not accept requests for specific instructors for Unlimited Swim classes. Instructors are subject to change without advanced notice.

Web Submissions ONLY are accepted for Unlimited Swim. Phone and walk-in requests are NOT accepted for Unlimited Swim. To request an Unlimited Swim class, submit the Unlimited Swim Request form after 12:00 AM on the day you would like to book a class. Web submissions made prior to 12:00 AM will NOT be considered.

Upon submission of this form, you will receive an Automatic Reply email confirmation that your request has been received and your status is pending. Unlimited Swim requests are processed in the order they are received. Please note we open later on Sundays so requests may be processed later than they are on other days of the week.

If space is available in one of the class times you request, we will book you into the class for FREE! You will receive a booking confirmation email containing details for the class. If you submit a request for multiple students in your family, we will attempt to book the students at times within proximity.

If we are unable to accommodate the class times you request, you will receive a follow-up email. If you submit multiple requests for a student before you receive a follow-up email from us, only the first Web Submission will be considered. You may submit a second Web Submission after you receive a follow-up email.