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Eugenic Rubicon Sneak Preview Feedback

Eugenic Rubicon Sneak Preview: Feedback Questionaire

Thank you for letting us share this project with you. We'd like your feedback, which will be used for site improvement and project documentation. Your responses are anonymous. 
1. Does this site offer you a useful multimedia history of eugenics and sterilization in California?
2. Would you be able to use this site for your own learning/research?
3. Would you share this site with others?
4. Who are you likely to share it with?
4. Does this site help to connect the history of eugenics to contemporary genetics/reproductive rights concerns? 
5. Are there connections you’d like to see made or made more explicit?
6. Do you work in youth (6th-12th grade) education?
7. Would you be able to teach 6-12th grade students with this site?      
7. Are you an alum of the Facing History and Ourselves seminar on Eugenics?
8. Would these digital resources be a good addition to the curriculum on eugenics, race, and citizenship covered in the Facing History seminar?
8. Would these materials be accessible and interesting to your students?
8. Do you think the history and materials here are presented in a way that is meaningful to/ valuable for people with disabilities?
10. The site increased your knowledge of history of eugenic sterilization in California   
11. After using the site, I want to know more about the history of eugenics in California           
12. I appreciated and/or enjoyed that the information was presented in several different ways in this site           
13. The site was conceptually easy to navigate (the section flow was logical)            
14. The mechanics of site navigation worked well for me (navigation buttons or other navigation tools worked as expected)           
15. The site caused me to feel lost and confused           
16. Are there particular features you would like to see improved?
18. How satisfied are you with the quality of the information on this site?
19. How satisfied are you with the quantity of the information on this site?
20. How satisfied are you with the visual design of this website?
21. How satisfied are you with the navigation and usability of this site?
22. Would you like for us to contact you about this project - with updates, launches, or new resources - in the future?